Room 1 Updates – Journals and Environment

Dear Families of Room 1:
We are happy to announce that there are new pages in your child’s journal book at school!  We keep the journal books in the back room and look at them regularly.  The new photos are so much fun!
We also have some environment changes that will be happening in the classroom:
  • ​Manipulatives: We are putting out new puzzles, a color and shape sorting activity, nesting cups, and small building blocks that have all kinds of neat things in them (like mirrors, a kaleidoscope, and more).
  • Dramatic play: We made our kitchen area into a little cafe.  We have been reading Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert, so we decided to put out vegetables, a large pot, and soup bowls.
  • Science: We added a balance and will continue to explore the fish and our growing seeds with magnifying glasses.
  • Light table: We would like to put feathers on the light table.  We were talking about how it would be nice to put different kinds of leaves on the sensory table.  If any of you are out for a walk and see nice fallen leaves, we will gladly take donations!
  • Blocks: We are going to move the unit blocks so they are more visible by the children and might be used more.
  • Art: We are planning to find a short easel for the area and add more collage items to the area.  We are talking about small pieces of paper and colored glue.
  • Sensory table: Since the children liked exploring the large dome of ice, we are planning to put different shapes of ice in the sensory table and explore them in different ways.
We have been singing “Five Little Monkeys” with a five monkey flannel board set.  This has been going well and we will likely continue that.  We have also started to dance to “Animal Action!”
We are also planning to make play dough to go with our new dough scissors.
Thank you for reading our updates.  We hope that you enjoy hearing about what is happening in Room 1.  It’s a fun place.
-The Teachers of Room 1-

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