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Water Play in Room 1 – Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, too!

Dear Families:


As long as our weather continues to be record-breaking heat and it is still a safe temperature to go outdoors, we will be playing outside in the Room 1 yard’s rock stream and in a sprinkler (Ms. Alison from Room 2 got one for us!).  If you would like to bring a swimsuit for your child and/or a swim diaper, you are invited to do so.  If children do not have a swimsuit, we will let them get wet to stay cool (and learn about the physical properties of water), too.  Spare clothes in the cubby are still important.  We will change them as we come indoors after our outdoor time.


Also, please remember to put sunscreen on your child both on exposed areas and under clothing, in case clothing changes or shirts get removed during water play.


We have had out some sunglasses and a hat in our dramatic play dress-up area.  These items can encourage sun safety.  If your child has sunglasses or a hat to wear at school, we wanted to invite you to bring them.  Sunglasses can get dropped and broken if your child is not used to wearing them, so please consider that before bringing them in.  If your child is used to wearing sunglasses and consistently leaves them on, they may be something that we could use at school successfully.

Thank you for reading our quick update!  We hope that you had a nice weekend.


– The Teachers of Room 1 –


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