Room parties, items from home, quilt project, and more…

Dear Families of Room 1:
We hope that you are having a great day!
ROOM EVENTS:  We just wanted to remind you that the pajama breakfast parties are next week, not this week.  We wanted to give you all enough time to plan to attend.  Also, you can come any time between 7:30 and 8:15 a.m. if you want to participate in breakfast.  You do not have to arrive at 7:30 a.m. and stay the entire time.  We can’t wait for the parties!
ITEMS FROM HOME:  We have noticed that there are sometimes sippy cups and similar food items left on the counter by the sign-in book.  We don’t always know to whom the cup belongs, so we can’t use it.  If you are sending a sippy cup or similar item to school, please label it with your child’s name and let a teacher know about it.  We also ask that you leave it on the counter by the adult food prep sink (by our classroom door) so that teacher can monitor who is getting those items.
QUILT PROJECT: In the next few days, we will have out some fabric pieces and arts and crafts supplies.  We would like to invite you to take home a fabric piece and some art supplies so that you can decorate a quilt square for a classroom quilt.  We would like to hang the quilt in our classroom.  You can customize it with your child’s name, if you would like, and any decoration that you feel represents your child and family well.  Or, perhaps you would enjoy treating it just as a fun and decorative art project.  We cannot wait to see what you create at home with your child.  Keep an eye out for the quilt project materials sometime soon!
FACEBOOK: You may enjoy seeing our Facebook page, if you have not yet checked it out.  You do not have to belong to Facebook to take a peek!
See you all soon.  Please ask if you have any questions.  Thank you for reading our updates.
-The Teachers of Room 1-
BCC: Families of Room 1, Teachers of Room 1, and Supervising Staff of the CDC

Pajama Day Parties



We hope to see you there!  Flyer is attached above.

Room 1 Updates

Dear Families:
We have some updates for you!
Room Changes:
If you are interested in checking out the new things we will be doing in our classroom, please check out this link:
We are excited about trying a new song called “Tooty Ta” by Dr. Jean!  Here is the YouTube video:
We also will begin reading the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle with an accompanying flannel board set!
Our bakery in the kitchen area is in full swing.  We are excited about adding a visual cookbook to the area soon.
Holidays and Other Celebrations:

Some families have begun to ask an we wanted to insure that you know that we will not be celebrating Halloween at the CDC.  There is a policy about this in our family handbook, which is copied and pasted here:

The population at the Child Development Center is diverse and multicultural, bringing a wonderful richness to everyone’s experiences.  The Child Development Center is a place where adults and children from any background can feel comfortable, welcome, and respected.  Holidays from a variety of cultures are a valuable way of recognizing the similarities and uniqueness of different cultures (e.g., the use of food, dress, crafts, and/or songs in the celebration) while also appreciating the diversity in the forms these aspects take.

In order to benefit the most from recognizing a variety of holidays, Supervising Teachers are asked to consider the following in the planning of related activities:

  • The avoidance of any holidays having any religious purpose;
  • Providing a focus on the most universal aspects of a holiday (e.g., family, home, community), rather than the commercial aspects;
  • Avoidance of any activity that could make any child or family feel uncomfortable;
  • Ensuring that all activities are age appropriate and culturally sensitive.

Supervising Teachers also routinely solicit the help of the parents of the children in their class who are from different cultures and ask them to share information and resources about their culture’s holidays and ideas for activities that would be appropriate for the children.  Such information can be incorporated within the universal aspects of traditional American holidays.

Note:  As examples of this policy, here at the Center we do not dress in costumes for Halloween (though we may do face-painting), and we do not bring valentines to school (though we do share feelings in letters to our family and friends).

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the policy, please talk with Ms. Laura or Linda Haar.  We will be more than happy to discuss how we can best support our families and their culture.


The biggest thing we need currently are some plants for the fish tank.  The fake plastic plants might bring some visual appeal to the tank.  There are also moss balls at pet stores which might be fun for the children to observe.  They simply float in the water and grow!  This is how it looks:

If you would like to get us a moss ball or some plants for the fish tank, please speak with Ms. Laura so that we insure we don’t have too much for the tank!
Have a great week, everyone!
-The Teachers of Room 1-
BCC: Families of Room 1, Teachers of Room 1, Supervising Staff of the CDC

Plans for Room 1 – October 13

Here is a link to our room planning document:

Indoor planning October 13

Room 1 Updates: Open House and Room Curriculum

Dear Families of Room 1:
We have some updates for you about Room 1.
First, Open House is tomorrow, September 30, from 5-6 p.m.  All are invited (children, relatives, friends…).  We can’t wait!
Also, It was great meeting with the families last week for family-teacher conferences.  The teachers had a great discussion afterwards about some of the things we will be doing in our room in response to the conferences.  Here are some of the highlights:
COUNTING: We are planning do to more counting songs: counting up and counting down (addition and subtraction).  We have noticed that the children are starting to use counting behavior in our room.
COLORS: We found out that many children are going over colors at home.  We are going to start exploring color names more using sorting opportunities for the children at school now, too.  We have some other ideas planned around the subject of colors, too!
LANGUAGE: We are incorporating more words in other languages. We are planning to practice emotion words, too.  “Opposite” words (such as “big” and “small” or “fast” and “slow”).  If you are interested in going over similar things, there are some great books out there about emotion words.  It might be good to try them out at a local library to see if your child enjoys any in particular.  A librarian can be a great source of ideas for books on different subjects.
NEW MUSIC: We would like to start exploring new music in our room.  One of the parents put together a list of songs that are in Polish that her family enjoys.  We began playing this music softly today at snack time.  If you would like to listen to these songs at home, here is the playlist for you.  Enjoy!
SOCIAL SKILLS: We are working on a few things in Room 1.
  • ​”Stop” with our hand up is a signal to a friend that something is not desirable.
  • “Please” is an important word when making requests.
CONSEQUENCES: We are working on helping children see the connection between their actions and possible consequences.  For example, if water is poured on the floor, it has to be wiped up so no one slips.  Pointing these connections out to children can help them learn about themselves and the world around them.
CUPS: Using open cups at snack is going well.  The children are trying it more and more!
We hope that you had a nice weekend and we hope that you enjoy these updates!  See you all soon.
– The Teachers of Room 1 –