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Book about Room 1

Dear Families:

I hope you are all having a great first week of school.  We have truly enjoyed getting to know you all and your children.  Today I created a book for all of you!  It is a book for children and families about Room 1.  The book is attached in PDF format.  I want to encourage you to:
  • ​Print out this book and bind it together somehow so that you and your child can read it together (we use report covers and sheet protectors to make books for children).
  • ​Download the PDF into your eReader, tablet, or phone and have it available for you and your child to scroll through and read/discuss together.
The book is about the environment and routine in Room 1.  It shows places in our classroom that may now be familiar to your child.  Reading this book at home with your child can:
  1. ​Create a connection between home and school
  2. Help your child learn some early literacy skills
  3. Help with the transition to beginning school in Room 1
  4. Create a bond between you and your child
  5. Provide oral language opportunities for your child
We hope that you enjoy this book!  We will be putting some copies into our classroom, too, so that we can read the book with the children in the school setting.  This will create even more of a connection between home and school.
Learning about the routine of school, becoming familiar with the classroom environment, and creating relationships between the adults and children in the classroom are the most important parts of beginning school.  We will continue to work on forming relationships with you and your children.  The family photos and family pages for the children’s journals have been great.  We have those in our classroom already!
If you have any questions about Room 1, please do not hesitate to ask.  We hope that you enjoy this little book about our classroom.  If you have trouble downloading it, please let us know.
Have a great evening.
– The Teachers of Room 1 –
Attachment: My School