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Room 1 Updates: Open House and Room Curriculum

Dear Families of Room 1:
We have some updates for you about Room 1.
First, Open House is tomorrow, September 30, from 5-6 p.m.  All are invited (children, relatives, friends…).  We can’t wait!
Also, It was great meeting with the families last week for family-teacher conferences.  The teachers had a great discussion afterwards about some of the things we will be doing in our room in response to the conferences.  Here are some of the highlights:
COUNTING: We are planning do to more counting songs: counting up and counting down (addition and subtraction).  We have noticed that the children are starting to use counting behavior in our room.
COLORS: We found out that many children are going over colors at home.  We are going to start exploring color names more using sorting opportunities for the children at school now, too.  We have some other ideas planned around the subject of colors, too!
LANGUAGE: We are incorporating more words in other languages. We are planning to practice emotion words, too.  “Opposite” words (such as “big” and “small” or “fast” and “slow”).  If you are interested in going over similar things, there are some great books out there about emotion words.  It might be good to try them out at a local library to see if your child enjoys any in particular.  A librarian can be a great source of ideas for books on different subjects.
NEW MUSIC: We would like to start exploring new music in our room.  One of the parents put together a list of songs that are in Polish that her family enjoys.  We began playing this music softly today at snack time.  If you would like to listen to these songs at home, here is the playlist for you.  Enjoy!
SOCIAL SKILLS: We are working on a few things in Room 1.
  • ​”Stop” with our hand up is a signal to a friend that something is not desirable.
  • “Please” is an important word when making requests.
CONSEQUENCES: We are working on helping children see the connection between their actions and possible consequences.  For example, if water is poured on the floor, it has to be wiped up so no one slips.  Pointing these connections out to children can help them learn about themselves and the world around them.
CUPS: Using open cups at snack is going well.  The children are trying it more and more!
We hope that you had a nice weekend and we hope that you enjoy these updates!  See you all soon.
– The Teachers of Room 1 –


Family-Teacher Conferences, Self-Help Skills, and Open House

Dear Families of Room 1:


FAMILY-TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Room 1 will be having conferences next week!  Keep an eye out for a calendar near the sign-in book.  We are excited to meet with you so that we can talk about how things are going with you and learn more from you about your child.  Conference slots will be 20 minutes in length and we can provide childcare for children enrolled at the CDC.


SELF-HELP SKILLS:  At our teacher planning meeting on Friday, we spent quite a bit of time talking about some of the things we have observed the children doing that indicate they are ready to take some new steps in our routine each day.  Self-help skills are something that young children are learning from infancy onward.  If you are interested in learning more about self-help skills and routines, this article may of interest to you:




I found it to be interesting because it talks about what can be expected at different ages, how to support a child in learning self-help skills, and why a child might resist learning self-help skills.


In Room 1, we are going to focus on the following:


  • Drinking from an open cup at snack time: We put a little water in the cups so that children can practice drinking from them at snack time.
  • Cleaning their own snack spots: We noticed that children have been wanting to help bring their dishes to the sink, so we will have a bin where they can clear their dishes after snack.
  • Visiting the toilets: We are planning to start bringing some of the children to Room 2 to see the toilets and try them out, if the children are interested.


OPEN HOUSE:  You should have received an email about open house on Tuesday, September 30, at 5-6 p.m.  We are looking forward to having you stop by, if you can!  Bring family and friends and see what’s happening in your child’s classroom, chat with your child’s teachers, meet other program families, make new friends, and help us create relationships and develop a sense of community among all involved with our Center. See you there!


Have a great week, everyone.


  • The Teachers of Room 1 –


BCC: Families of Room 1, Teachers of Room 1, Supervising Staff at the CDC




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