Pedagogy and Course Design II
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This week I thought a lot about the design of my course. From the readings of the book and the article and videos I watched, I have put together these elements I am thinking in incorporating to my online class:

    1. Set objectives and goals aligned with the department SLOs
    2. Follow the textbook order regarding activities and content
    3. Use Lisa’s charts to outline the course
    4. Use table 3.2 p.63 in Ko & Rossen to plan weekly activities
    5. My design is going to be clean and easy to navigate. I would love to copy Pilar’s idea of having a main default page where the main content is in the center of the page week by week.  In the menu, I will make sure I only have the most important information.
    6. I will try my best in create a syllabus that includes and respect all learning abilities or “diverse talents”
    7. Regarding communication with my students I thought in giving them a google voice phone number where they can leave a message for me from their phones.

I would like to have an outline completed for my class before we start with all the tech tools we could use in the class so I can organize every activity. I realized this week that I will not just upload my PPs but I will have to make them all again since they will not be any longer a visual aid but instead they will be an entire lesson.

Also, the article IMPLEMENTING THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES made me think a lot in my face to face course. I am thinking now in diverse ways to increase communication and feedback with my students and I am putting more attention in making lessons accessible to all my students and their learning capabilities.



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5 Responses to “Pedagogy and Course Design II
Pedagogy and Course Design II avatar

  1. Avatar Lisa M Lane Says:

    What’s really cool here is that you’re pulling the seven principles back to where they originated, in the classroom. Online teaching and learning tends to become symbiotic with classroom teaching and learning, but you’re getting to this early! 🙂

  2. Avatar Donna Says:

    ¡Hola Laura!

    I love your goals for setting up your class. I agree with you regarding table 3.2, it really makes you think about each and every activity we currently use in the classroom. Even though those elements are naturally embedded in our lesson plans, it is great to articulate them in written format.

    I can’t wait to see your finished product… I’m sure it will be amazing 🙂

    Un saludo cordial de tu colega,

  3. Avatar Walter Muryasz Says:


    A point about PowerPoints. Adding audio to your PowerPoints will help to convey what you are trying to get across with the PP. Do not make the PP too long. Break it up into shorter segments and add a self-assessment in-between the segments. This way the students will get more out of the PowerPoint. Also, they are more likely to actually take their time going through it.


  4. Avatar Maria Laura Carlsson Says:

    Thank you Walter! Do you have experience with this? A couple of times I uploaded PPs with sound and it did not work. Any advice?

  5. Avatar Jaime Oyarzo Says:

    I like your way to organize your ideas Maria Laura!
    I appreciate a clean and easy to navigate course. I also aspire in a simple and accessible course design. I look forward to see your proposal!

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