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Week 13 – A little late
Week 13 – A little late avatar

Wow, how did I fall so far behind already?  I think the start of the Spring semester, contracting the flu, and dealing with sick kids just left little time for me to stay on top of these assignments.  So, here I am playing “catch up” – which I absolutely hate to do!

I don’t know why, but taking the screenshot has been the most difficult thing for me to do thus far in this class.  I use Windows on a laptop and I do not have the “snipping tool” program.  So then, I Googled “How to take a screenshot” which lead me to try pushing the “Print Screen” button.  Again, nothing!  I thought this part of the assignment would be simple!  But luckily, I have a techie husband, and he was able to install the Snipping Tool for me!



Here’s the link to my Flickr shot – I couldn’t get it embedded….

For those of you who use Flickr in an online class setting, how do you utilize it?



2 Responses to “Week 13 – A little late
Week 13 – A little late avatar

  1. Sou Lackkaty says:

    Don’t worry, Melissa. I think we’re all behind – some at least. I am just finishing up Week 14’s. Keep on plugging along and enjoy the ride!

  2. Laura P. says:

    I was trying the other night to take a screenshot of a screen while a drop-down menu was down. The trouble was that every time I clicked on the snipping tool, the drop-down menu would disappear! Even though I use the Snipping Tool often, I was still having trouble. I am glad that you got it to work for you!

    I haven’t used Flickr in the class setting other than to find images that are shared under a Creative Commons license. It’s pretty handy for that, I think!