Adventures of a Technology Challenged Online Instructor

Week 15 – I think I’m getting the hang of this….maybe…
Week 15 – I think I’m getting the hang of this….maybe… avatar

This week wasn’t without its challenges, but I didn’t have as many technical difficulties as I did last week!
I actually do have my online students take surveys and I am familiar with Survey Monkey. However, when I have my online students participate in surveys, I build them directly into Blackboard using the Survey tool there. I like how when I create a survey directly in Blackboard, it is linked automatically to the Grade Center. I don’t grade my students on surveys, but it will provide a “check mark” in Grade Center to show which students have taken the survey.

I also recently attended a conference on “Teaching the 21st Century Student” where Jim Sullivan showed us how to use Poll Everywhere. This wouldn’t work great in an online setting, but I have used it in my Face-to-Face class and it is very simple to use! Here’s a survey I created for my Face-to-Face class after we talked about Stress Management….

Stress Poll

I’m pleased to say that everyone at least knew that we’d talked about Stree Management the previous week!

I’ve also used Screencast-o-Matic before thanks to a FLEX workshop I attended at the beginning of the semester.  This too, is pretty user friendly and I have used this program in my Blackboard class this semester.

Here’s my Screencast of the Mind Map I made on the Six Dimensions of Wellness – something we talk about early on in the semester.  Enjoy!


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