An Online Syllabus? Some thoughts… (Week 5)
An Online Syllabus? Some thoughts… (Week 5) avatar

This week I actually feel like perhaps I did some stuff right when I worked on a “Semester Schedule” (as I call it) when I started teaching College. Originally, I created a Curriculum which summarized each lesson plan. Little by little I integrated hyperlinks to videos I’d show and documents/tools I found useful. I didn’t necessarily have an online class format in mind but I can now see how such a document (perhaps a bit more detailed) could be effective in a online class environment.

Here’s an example of what I would include for one of my classes (I apologize for those who don’t understand French but being a French native I wrote it in French):

Date Sujet(s) / Thèmes Matériaux Activités à compléter par l’étudiant

15 octobre 2012


Video Le Zapping: “Pages d’Or”

Describing people


Pronoms et Verbes Réfléxifs (Intro I)

L’expression: “se jeter des fleurs.”

Pronunciation: L’accent circonflexe, la cédille, le tréma

Video Espace Roman-Photo: “On travaille chez moi!”

Interview Francophone nº3

Unité 3, Pages 87-93

Handout: Description physique et de personnalité, Expressions de personnalité, Les métiers/occupations, Pronoms Réfléxifs, Verbes Réfléxifs

Vidéo: “Elle me dit” par Mika

Video Manual #3: “On travaille chez moi!”

After watching the videos and reading Chapter 5 of our textbook, I began pondering on what I’d like to include not only in my Syllabus but in my classes, divided by week (instead of per class – i.e. twice a week). I certainly would change my Syllabus to include A LOT more Hyperlinks. In my currently blended class I have a place for “Announcements”, a place for “Assignments” (including quizzes) and a place for my “Lessons” (twice a week). In an online environment (and perhaps even in future semesters for my blended classes), I am considering putting every Quiz, homework, assignment, etc right underneath the actual week. It certainly makes more sense and would be easier for the student to remember where to go.

The one thing I am still trying to figure out is how much I’d include in my Syllabus versus just the work for each week put online…

Being an organized “freak” (my friends call me “Monica” – from Friends), I am certainly getting excited about this online course preparation. 🙂

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7 Responses to An Online Syllabus? Some thoughts… (Week 5)
An Online Syllabus? Some thoughts… (Week 5) avatar

  1. Avatar Jason Green says:

    Qu’est-ce que les étudiants font avec le clip de Mika?

    • Avatar Prof DeMeo says:

      Ils décrivent les personnages du clip. C’est un super exercice à faire faire aux étudiants une fois qu’ils ont bien appris/pratiqué les adjectifs démonstratifs.

  2. Avatar Norm Wright says:

    I’m partial to the idea of keeping things together by week or chapter. I feel that the more you make the students jump around your site, the more likely they will miss something. If everything is linked from your syllabus page, they only have to remember that page, rather than the readings page, the quiz page, the homework page…
    If there’s extra material that’s not required but interesting to students who want something more, you might try a separate page for that instead of cluttering up the syllabus, but then provide one link to the supplements page from the syllabus, so they still find everything starting from the syllabus. Then put a link back to the syllabus on the extra page.
    Does that make any sense?

    • Avatar Prof DeMeo says:

      It does but I don’t think you quite understand what I’m describing in terms of online teaching organization. I don’t think there should be multiple pages for each “thing” the students need to do but that there still should be an order and not just one page where I put everything… 🙂

      • Avatar Norm Wright says:

        It’s true, I might be confused.
        But I think your approach of putting everything right underneath the actual week, makes a lot of sense. Then you just want to make sure the weeks are in order. If you like to have a separate page for each week, you could do that and put the link for each week in the syllabus.

  3. Avatar Jim Sullivan says:

    I like the idea of having everything in one place for students to access it chronologically. At first it feels alien to them, but they soon grow to like it. And as far as other elements of a syllabus go, you might want to consider thinking of your syllabus as a student success guide–what kind of resources can you provide them that will motivate, empower, and prepare them for success in your class.

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