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Here we are in Week 6 of the Program for Online Teaching. I have so many ideas of things I’d like to incorporate in an online class as well as on-campus class. I almost don’t know where to start. One thing I’d like to change is my Curriculum Format. I’d simplify my life if I’d add Hyperlinks to any document/video I’d like to show my class. I’m considering changing my Lesson Planning to reflect that for next semester. Though tedious, this will save a lot of time in the long run–for my students and myself!

I scored an 83% on the Internet Skills Quiz. I clearly need to learn more Internet “lingo” and tools. ;( (I’m not quite sure how to add emoticons into my blog yet).

Dave Raggett’s Introduction to HTML had a lot of valuable information and I sure feel like I could use all of what he taught in time–yet for my current level of expertise (or lack thereof), I feel that I will need to reread the information over and over again. This Week, I’m discovering that teaching online is truly a different kind of teaching–it requires a lot of organization (which I have) but also a lot of knowledge in formatting documents, etc.–which I need to acquire.

Learning about RSS the Oprah Way was also interesting. I almost forgot I was “subscribed” to Google Reader. I did NOT however, figure out how to add the Pegagogy First! blog to my reader (help!?!). Does it matter since I barely use Google Reader?

I knew how to embed videos from YouTube since there is an “embed” button below each YouTube video. I actually use it in my class all the time. I didn’t know though, that any link containing a video could be embedded simply by adding the correct “lingo” (as I call it). I’ll test it out below and see if I got it right.

Looks like it worked! I just learned something very useful. By the way, that cute little boy in the video pointing out different body parts in French is one of my two sons (Noah–almost 2!).

I am still getting used to “blogging” (I love to write but seldomly find time to journal about my life). I haven’t figured out how to add a picture (or avatar) on my WordPress blog. Can someone help me?

Finally, here’s a video I had my students watch after learning about family in class yesterday.



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POT: Week 6 avatar

  1. Avatar Ty Nevith says:


    To subscribe open your google reader account (and login) in one tab and open the Pedagogy First page in another. At the top right of the PF page, click the icon next to the word “Posts.” That should do it I think. Like you, I don’t ever access the google reader either so it may be moot. Good luck!

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