Week 9: POT Student Activities
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This week was filled with many learning activities.

Personally, I really enjoy reading other people’s interesting blogs (even if I don’t always comment) whether through the POT (or weekly videos) or other. Laura’s video went well with discovering the whole world (as I believe it truly is a world) of Second Life. I started creating my Avatar and realized how many options existed (hairdo, outfits, shoes, etc.). I could picture how using a program such as Second Life would be beneficial to re-create real-life situations (in my case, teaching languages). Though it seems like creating the Avatar and changing settings was pretty time-consuming, once completed, I could picture using this in a classroom-setting where students learning a new language could make exchanges, possibly even in certain given scenarios (grocery shopping, asking for directions, following directions, making reservations, etc.). I enjoyed what the textbook discussed about such student activities (page 193 specifically). Something also discussed in the textbook, made me think of Ted TV‘s video.

I created an account with Diigo and was able to browse through its uses (also discussed on page 80 of our textbook). It was fun reading an article (Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy) and being able to highlight, make notes and such. I’m looking forward to explore Diigo more in depth. I could see how useful it could be in analyzing articles, having students comments and make notes.

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Week 9: POT Student Activities avatar

  1. Avatar Laura P. says:

    Dear Rachele: It was great reading your thoughts this week on Second Life and Diigo. I have found Diigo to be helpful for me in organizing my own resources. However, I have also created class lists so that students can go back and find resources after the class has ended. I haven’t been using that as much recently, but your post reminded me that it would maybe be helpful to get that going again. Thanks for inspiring me!

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