POT Week 11: Class Resources and Intellectual Property
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I found this week’s information to be very interesting.

In the last 4-5 years I’ve been creating handouts for everything I teach. Each class, I use both the textbook and my own handouts to teach my students. Some/a lot of the information I’ve gathered for my handouts come from an outside source (usually found on various websites). I’ve, hence, “copied and pasted” some of the information I use for my classes. I always include a resource/reference (as stated in page 228 of our textbook). I have often wondered about the laws  regarding my handouts… The TEACH Act Checklist was very useful to me. I never “sell” any handout but do use it for teaching as I often find textbooks I have used to be lacking. I’d be interested in knowing if other instructors make their own handouts, where they get their information, if they list it and what laws exist pertaining to such handouts. Click here to view an example of such a handout.


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3 Responses to POT Week 11: Class Resources and Intellectual Property
POT Week 11: Class Resources and Intellectual Property avatar

  1. Avatar Michelle Farnam says:

    You bring up a very good point, what are other instructors doing with the information in their handouts and are they providing the source? I am also interested in what others say. It is so easy to cut and paste without a reference. I see you have included links to your references. What a great way to provide the source of information to your students.

  2. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Rachele, Thanks for providing a link to the checklist. I have made reference to this article myself and plan to reference it often. I also encourage readings and provide handouts from various websites. When part of a lesson, it is easy for me to reference the article and provide a link to the active site. I prefer to only link the articles in order to avoid copyright violations. The only problem that I have found in that is… when an article or a site is no longer active, my students can no longer access the site. For this reason, I have started to make copies of the articles with as much reference to the article as possible. I really enjoy using others website. I agree with you that textbooks don’t always cover everything that we feel is important to discuss. Great thoughts in your post!

    • Avatar Rachele DeMeo says:

      Thank you! I love the idea of making copies of articles. It tough to have these copies virtually but when the link is no longer active, at least we still have it in our hands, right? 🙂

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