Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots
Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots avatar

And we’re back! Back to a new semester and discovering the world of online teaching through the Program for Online Teaching. First of all I must say that I’m really grateful for all I have already learned from the POT! I have already incorporated a lot of what was learned last semester towards the (on-campus) class I am teaching this semester. I feel like much we are learning for teaching online can be applied in “embellishing” our on-campus class.

This week, we had to read our textbook: Ko & Rossen, Chapter 9: Creating Courseware and Using Web 2.0 Tools, to p. 252 (to heading “Finding Images”). I found a lot of useful information such as finding appropriate pictures for our class, copyright information and the overall appearance of our web page. One thing that I learned regarding the appearance of our web page is that the background color and font color should be opposite (dark/light). Another thing was to not “overdo it”. I believe students get quickly overwhelmed when there are too many pictures, diagrams, and overall “business”. I couldn’t agree more that it becomes “wearing” on the eyes to scroll down endlessly.

I took a screenshot (from my Mac) of my current Blackboard (I still haven’t figured out how to properly size the picture though I played around with the settings). I organize my work by week and we’re about to be in our 4th week of classes, so this is what my students can see when they log on to Blackboard:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 12.28.38 PM

We also had to explore Flickr. This is a pretty neat picture I found on this image-hosting site:

Les Arènes

Les Arènes de Nîmes

No, it’s not the Colosseum in Rome (as some might think);

it’s the “Arènes” (arenas) in Nîmes, France where I was born and raised. 😉

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6 Responses to Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots
Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots avatar

  1. Avatar Laura P. says:

    Dear Rachele:

    Thank you for posting a screenshot of your Blackboard entry page. It is always neat to see how others create their courses, visually. I enjoyed reading your ideas about creating a balance when it comes to visuals. I also agree with you that a lot of what we learn in this program can be used in face-to-face classes. Do you have any particularly exciting examples for that?

    Welcome back to the new semester in the Program for Online Teaching!


    • Avatar Rachele DeMeo says:

      Thank you Laura!
      One (of several) examples would be my Blackboard. I have changed the appearance and organization of Blackboard. It ressembles more what I have presented my online class to look like – a lot of less content (since they come to class) but in terms of organization, added pictures, optional videos…

  2. Avatar Helen Crump says:

    Hi Rachele, yes,it’s good to back on the POT Cert course and learning lots of new skills. I have to say that I really like the way that you include an image for each week of the semester. I think that this helps people find information more quickly. I do this in my Evernote notes and it really helps find stuff fast. Neat.

    • Avatar Rachele DeMeo says:

      Thank you! Embeding images every week is very time consuming but I agree that students like the visual aspect of it! 🙂

  3. Avatar Jim Sullivan says:

    I could not agree with you more about how online technologies and approaches enhance our onsite teaching. And I too appreciate you taking and sharing that blackboard screenshot: very cool to see what you are doing and how you visually organize things for students.

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