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Week 4~Exploration of Bugs

We have noticed that the children have been showing an interest in bugs, so we set up a sensory tub filled with bugs, bug kits and rocks so that the children could search for bugs. Here is a peak at one of many conversations we had as a result of this bug set-up, enjoy!

Teacher: What kinds of bugs are you going to find?

Nathan: White. Going to get a rock.

Avi: Grasshopper

Teacher: What kind of food do grasshoppers eat?

Nathan: Fruits

Silas: I want to use the shovel.

Teacher: What are you going to use the shovel for?

Silas: Dirt. This is hard work. We’re in the silver garden. Welcome to the silver garden.

Silas: I’m going to find a spider.

Teacher: What kind of food does a spider eat?

Silas: Bugs.

Teacher: What kind of bugs do you want to find?

Vienne: Bee.

Dante: Ooh. Dat green.

Connor: Look. Look. Look.

Teacher: What did you find?

Connor: It’s a bee.

~Ms. Karina, Ms. Lehua, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Megan, Ms. Sarah~


Week 2

This week was another quick week.¬† We welcomed three new children and their families to our classroom. The children continued to build structures with the small unit blocks, as well as the large hallow blocks. (The following pictures were chosen by a few children as the pictures we should feature on our blog this week, enjoy!) Oops…technical difficulities. We will post these photos ASAP!