We are the Program for Online Teaching, a group of volunteer faculty helping other faculty teach better online.

Our focus is on pedagogy as the guiding force for using technologies for teaching.

Many of us are from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. MiraCostans may access the Teaching/Technology Innovations Center for technical help, resources, news and more.

The POT Network

  • POT Diigo group
    (see tutorial on how to save bookmarks)
  • POT Facebook group
  • POT Vimeo Channel (workshops)
  • POT YouTube Channel
  • Twittter (please use hashtag #potcomm)

Jing Tutorial

Provided is an example of using Jing by TechSmith to create a 5 minute (or shorter) video tutorial… Jing makes it incrediably easy to create a screen recording, upload it, and to share with others. The recording can with just one click either be uploaded to ScreenCast.com (you get 2 GB free) or to your YouTube account. The entire video creation and sharing process can be accomplished in 5 – 10 minutes total. I’ve used Jing to answer student questions, create short lecturettes, discuss documents with colleagues, and make fun videos to share with family.

by Robert Kelley

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