We are the Program for Online Teaching, a group of volunteer faculty helping other faculty teach better online.

Our focus is on pedagogy as the guiding force for using technologies for teaching.

Many of us are from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. MiraCostans may access the Teaching/Technology Innovations Center for technical help, resources, news and more.

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Using Open Office to create good-looking pages

Laura Paciorek’s screencast of how she uses OpenOffice to make pages as html files that can be used in Blackboard or anywhere on the web.

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A New Wardrobe for Blackboard

A New Wardrobe for Blackboard: Technical Basics of Instructional Design with Andrea Petri and Laura Paciorek, from 16 August 2011 workshop at MiraCosta.

Workshop participants will learn some beginning strategies for instructional design using Blackboard. Includes course examples and a demonstration of how to design content including creating tables, inserting images, and laying out learning […]

How to Embed Twitter into Blackboard or another site

Eric Robertson’s tutorial on embedding Twitter into Blackboard or another LMS.

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Model: Chapter-based design

Handout #3 for Beginners Workshop

A graphic showing setup for chapter-based menu in Blackboard or another LMS.

Storyboard Design #1 [pdf]

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by Pilar Hernández

Creating an interactive syllabus in Blackboard

In this screencast from November 2010, Pilar Hernandez demonstrates how to create an interactive syllabus in Blackboard with images and links.

The Interactive Syllabus from Program for Online Teaching on Vimeo.