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One current collaborative assignment presented to my students is a Zine.   Each group (assigned at the beginning of the semester work together all semester) choose a thesis (based on their social justice essays) to present a visual rhetorical argument.

The basics for the assignment is as follows: The group chooses a thesis (such as global warming is caused by man)

Everyone is asked to choose a topic to support the thesis. Each student is responsible for 4 pages (and evaluated on their four pages) to support their topic.

There is a collaborative magazine cover, index, and work cited page

Evidence is chosen to visually support their topic (such as: murals, videos, poems, charts, political cartoons, headlines, et.)

Finally, they present the magazine (visual rhetoric) and what they say about their evidence represents their analysis.

It has become a pretty popular assignment with my students.  They really get into it and work well with each other.   The presentation portion is in person with my hybrid classes, and via Zoom form my fully online students.   I plan to migrate this to my canvas classes for online, traditional, and hybrid. The online version does change the assignment only in that there is not the excitement and party atmosphere that we feel in the traditional classes.

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