Writing Process/Assignment Sequence Unit 4
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Hi Everyone,

The quote from Warnock’s “Teaching the OWI Course” that resonates most with me at the moment is from Joanna Paul “I think it’s important not to overload ourselves with graded writing to review” (166). Right now, I am swamped and behind in grading! And I am going home next weekend for a family friend’s memorial so this week is crunch time.

I am also a huge fan of low-stakes writing and meta learning as Warnock asks “Why is low-stakes writing important in encouraging students to work on meta aspects of writing” (166)? You will see how I build in low-stakes writing for students to reflect on their learning and writing in my assignments in the video below.

Luckily, I have been using the writing process as a way to scaffold my writing assignments, or as I call them, assignment sequences. So I have been able to migrate what I have done in my f2f classrooms over to my online classrooms for the most part. There are still parts of the f2f group and whole-class discussions that I don’t feel I have been able to replicate in my online courses.


Here is my video–I tried to keep it to 3 minutes!

Here is my google doc with more details of my assignment sequence I discuss in my video.