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As we reflect upon the course we’ve all embarked upon over the last two terms, we are now asked to describe what our “dream” online composition course might look like. With our current level of technology, I would certainly be using a CMS that allows me the ability to build user friendly interfaces and has the flexibility to integrate a variety of support tools such as Zoom, Google Apps, Adobe Apps, Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS), and a few others that I’ve covered over the arc of the course.  The one area that I would focus on more, now that we’ve gone through the class, is how I connect and interact with my online students from start to finish. As mentioned last week, I very much like the idea of Gamification, in particular, giving multiple options to students for completing a particular task or assignment allowing them some control in terms of the deliverables they turn in.  One of the biggest challenges I had at the start of our program revolved around how to integrate the f2f experience into online teaching. Although I have not exactly solved that yet for myself, I do believe that your shared insights and our readings have provided me with tools that I think will go a long way in that direction. I’ve started to apply some of these into my hybrid class and am enjoying the results so far.

But, the prompt for this week asked us to describe our “dream” online class environment. So, let’s go there…

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
Christopher Nolan, Inception

The online Gamified class that I showcased last week is certainly interesting and I am looking forward to testing it next month. However, my dream online class is just on the event horizon. Virtual Reality has come a long way and has now moved into what is known as Augmented Reality. What’s next? Mixed-Reality technology! Soon, we will have the ability to have digital elements built into our actual environments. If this sounds a bit strange, I’ve added some links below that provide some insight into what this is and the potential it might have for education. So, my dream online composition class would be a mixed-reality classroom that students can access in their homes, or anywhere. Each week the lesson would appear on an old-fashioned writing table (and yes, with a weathered old brown leather satchel next to it)!  This week’s assignment might focus on Fitzgerald’s lyrical writing style in The Great Gatsby. Students are introduced to Nick who is sitting at the table, then opens the satchel and takes out some papers. He begins to read (as the rooms transforms into a circa 1920s environment filled with a slow jazzy background melody) the section of text that students are to analyze that week.  As the assignment/story unfolds, I would be able to scaffold all support materials I wish to share with the students into this environment allowing them to interact with it in real time.

Well, the prompt did ask us to discuss our “dream” class…so I am looking forward to trying this out as soon as it is available.  Anyhow, check out the links if you are interested in mixed-reality.

Augmented Reality VR Magic Leap Whale in Gym Elephant in Hands

CBS This Morning: Inside a company creating mixed-reality technology

Magic Leap Whale: Example of mixed-reality

Examples of Magic Leap’s Mixed and Augmented reality.

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