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Oh my goodness, Writing With Machines has been an awesome journey. It’s definitely given me the confidence to actually visualize my ‘dream’ online composition course. I’ve gained so many tips and resources that I can use to personalize my online course and make it my own. The structure for my class would be one that is well-organized and inviting to students. This would be organized by the outline of the semester, reading assignments, and writing assignments. I also want to play the role of being visible with student writing and this semester there were a lot of great suggestions on how to do that without over exhorting myself. The tools I’ll take advantage of are the tools curry suggested for responding to student essay and lectures via video on Canvas. Being able to show students my personality and excitement for their development as writers is really important to me so knowing there are resources to show that to students is GREAT! I also imagine students experiencing learning through collaborative work using social media to interact with social justice based topics and presenting their findings to a larger community via internet. I’ll keep dreaming and keep coming up with ideas but I know being present, visible, and collaboratively interact with students are my main goals.



Week 1: The Snapshot Of Yourself



Week 2: Supportive Learning Teams VIA Technology



Week 3: Thinking About Equity in the OW Courses



Week 4: Video Response: (in response to classmate comments and discussion)



My own 5-7 minute video Screen-Cast-O-Matic