Grading, Access Points, and Redundancy
Grading, Access Points, and Redundancy avatar

This was such a great discussion! I’m so sad I missed this but the topics were many that I myself had questions on for OW Courses.

 I first want to address the non-linear forms of grading and deadlines, as I was sick last week and was working hard to play catch up this week that I fell behind on my own homework for this class. I was ‘that student’ gang. But knowing that curry and Jim were flexible with submitting my assignment was such a relief, which brings me back to recognizing the kinds of students the enroll into OW course will most likely be parents, those that work full time, and other students with hectic schedules. I think it’s important to make accommodation for ‘life happens’ situations.

 Regarding Multiple and limited access points I love what was mentioned about recursive learning, keeping goals recursive: critical thinking, reading, and writing, but knowing that learning can be non-linear and linear are both possibilities. There also needs to be a balance that doesn’t overwhelm students and at the same time welcomes them to explore.

 Finally, redundancy I have to say I appreciate the organization that Writing With Machines has established for this course. I like how this course unfolds itself by unit, but once you enter a unit there are links to click ‘if interested’ in exploring further to other resources. I really appreciate the balance for this model and see myself replicating a similar method for my OW courses!