WritingwithMachines in Spring 2018
curry mitchell

This upcoming semester, we would like to reshape the way WritingwithMachines operates by continuing to pursue the best parts of our certification sequence but from our group’s origin point as an inquisitive community of practice. Our goal is to step back from notions of “training” and instead engage in collaborative research and discussion, supporting and edifying each other as writing instructors who utilize technology in our classrooms (both online and onsite).

Our plan is to host 3-4 discussions over the course of the semester focused on pertinent topics:

  • Topic 1: digital annotation tools and strategies for close reading online/OER texts
  • Topic 2: cultural responsive pedagogy within the domain of online reading, writing, and learning
  • Topic 3: technologies that allow for synchronous, online discussions used to support reading, drafting, peer review, and instruction delivery
  • Topic 4: course design that encourages a recursive writing process

Each discussion will kick off with an email invitation that describes the topic and links to an annotated bibliography cultivated by various Letters and WritingwithMachines faculty. This bibliography will list resources, perspectives, questions, theories, hopes, and dreams and will be housed in our Canvas website. Over the course of a two weeks window, those who are interested in pursuing the topic will explore this bibliography independently via further research, actual classroom practices, criticisms, questions, and ambitious proposals. At the end of the two weeks, those who participate will be invited to share their responses in a culminating discussion by posting to this blog and/or by attending an hour long meeting online.

Our hope is that spreading each discussion out over a few weeks will create asynchronous opportunities for individuals to pop in for 15-minutes here and 20-minutes there, culminating in a rad blog post or a rich synchronous meeting such that by the end of each multi-week period we will be rewarded with cool ideas, new tricks and tips, and refreshing commiseration. All time spent in any of the activities described above can be claimed for FLEX credit.

If you’re interested in participating, please look for emails coming to your inbox throughout the semester. Also, if you are interested in completing or beginning our Certification Sequence, please email curry at cmitchell@miracosta.edu.

Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in our community. Have an excellent semester.

Welcome to the new WritingwithMachines Blog!
curry mitchell

It’s new. It’s shiny! It’s supported by our very own MiraCosta College (at least, they’re lending us the prestige of their wordpress url)! And there is even a little \w/M/ avatar saluting you from the corner of your browser tab!! Look at that little guy! How cute!!

To find the archive of our past blogs, please visit writingwithmachines.com . For all things new and exciting and techy and teachery…bookmark this blog


WritingwithMachines in Fall 2017
curry mitchell

The WritingwithMachines group is looking forward to the fall semester. This blog is about to become enriched once again as we begin our pedagogy-based course on teaching composition with technology, the second course offered in our Certification Sequence. This semester, our “brown-bag” discussions will move to an online forum. We’ll miss the snacks, but we’ll likely enjoy the more flexible and accessible forum Zoom affords. If you are interested in participating in exchanges that explore the intersections of writing, reading, technology, and pedagogy, we hope you will join us for one or many of these discussions.

WritingwithMachine’s Fall Certification Sequence

The Fall Certification Sequence will begin September 11th. Faculty who participate will complete 5-units over the course 10-weeks, covering topics such as:

  • the benefits and limitations of digital feedback and assessments
  • how issues of accessibility and universal design are linked to concepts of rhetoric and composition
  • how to create collaborative assignments using networked technologies

We hope many of our colleagues who completed the Spring Certification Course will continue to edify our discussions this fall, and for anyone interested in joining us now, more information about how to prepare for the Sequence will be forthcoming. In the meantime, please scroll down and explore this blog, or contact curry mitchell at cmitchell@miracosta.edu for more information.

WritingwithMachine’s Fall Meeting Schedule

The WritingwithMachines group will host 3 open-discussion meetings in the fall on 9/21, 10/19, and 11/16 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in Zoom. Participation is FLEX eligible. Stay for the whole hour or drop in for a bit. Enjoy rich inquiries with colleagues regarding reading, writing, technology, and pedagogy. Oh, and Canvas…we’ll probably talk about Canvas too.

Contact curry (cmitchell@miracosta.edu) if you’re interested, or check back on this blog to find the url to join the discussion. Hope to see you there!!