Welcome Back!

We’d like to welcome back all our families; we are very excited to be back. We would also like to welcome Lorelai and her family to our classroom!

During our first two days back the children got right back into the swing of things without missing a beat! We have witnessed friendships rekindled, and new friendship forming.  The children have also been very busy exploring the changes to the environment!

Inside of our classroom we have made several changes within each interest center.  Reflecting both on the children’s interests and on what skills they will be developing next, we choose new materials for the interest areas.

  • In our science area the children have been very interested in our new magnetic board and magnet materials.
  • In the dramatic area the children are still interested in dress-up and cooking for one another. Before we went on break lots of the children were pretending to be animals, so we added animals to our dramatic play area.


  • We also added new materials to our art center such as safety scissors to cut string used for beading and letter stamps for their play dough. The children have also spent a lot of time practicing their hand-eye coordination with cutting paper and fabric.

Our outside environment has changed a great deal from last semester.

  • We have added a mattress next to the window as a quiet area if the children would like to read or just rest their bodies.
  • We moved the art studio closer to the door; this encourages children to engage in art more often because it is more visible.


  • We also created a bike parking lot! The children have always been interested in riding bikes but sometimes it’s hard to park when we have plants in our way. We created parking stalls for the bikes so it would be easier to pick a bike and when they are all done, park it 🙂

Bike Parking

  • We observed that before we went on break that the children were interested in playing in the house and making dinner for each other out of sand, therefore we moved the playhouse to the sand.
  • We created a manipulative center on our deck where children can work on puzzles and tinker with materials.

What materials have your children talked about using at school since we have been back in session??

~The Teachers of Room 3~

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