Program for Online Teaching – Week 23: Presentations
Program for Online Teaching – Week 23: Presentations avatar

Week 23: Presentations

My presentation for this week is on creating an Interactive Syllabus for an online class :

Here’s the video:

I also wanted to show the progression of how I have learned to develop an online class since starting the Program for Online Teaching. A special thanks to Lisa Lane, Pilar Hernandez and David Dewittler for all your help and mentoring me through this educational journey! I still have plenty to learn but I’m grateful for all I have learned thus far.

It’s crazy to think there are only two weeks to go!


I look forward to reading everyone else’s posts as I have learned so much from everyone

participating in the Program for Online Teaching!

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10 Responses to Program for Online Teaching – Week 23: Presentations
Program for Online Teaching – Week 23: Presentations avatar

  1. Avatar Donna Marques says:

    Hi Rachele!

    I am so PROUD of you!! You have done such an amazing job and learned so much this year. Your class is going to be amazing, your students are very luck to have you! The difference in your “before” and “after” class is phenomenal. Thank you for sharing that. What program did you use to create your first video where your sharing your screen and yourself at the same time? I want to use that for my presentation also.

    I will be teaching my first online Spanish class next fall at Cuyamaca College, I hope we can stay in touch and bounce ideas off each other ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best of luck to you and please do let me know what program you used to create video #1.


  2. Avatar S. Decker says:

    Thank you for sharing your interactive syllabus! It looks great and very organized!
    I also enjoyed seeing your improvement as you have worked through this academic year of POT ! They way you broke up your activities looks great and will be easy for students to navigate. Excellent work Rachele!

    ~Stephanie Decker
    Associate Counselor
    MiraCosta College

  3. Avatar Helen Crump says:

    Two excellent presentation videos, Rachele, one really shows off the benefits of an interactive online syllabus and the other is just dazzling in how much you’ve learned on the POT Cert course and have been able to put it into practice. Impressive ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Avatar Claire Major says:

    Loved the syllabus and the interactivity! I imagine your students will really appreciate it!

  5. Avatar Lisa M Lane says:

    The reflection video is great – I might have to build something around this for next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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