How to Join

There are several ways to participate in this blog.

You can simply comment on posts. Your first comment is moderated – after that you may comment freely.

You can request to be an author on this blog (just ask at

You can post on your own blog using a particular category, and have that category’s posts forwarded to this blog. This works best with WordPress blogs (such as or Edublogs). As a MiraCosta instructor, you may have your own free WordPress blog on MiraCosta’s server – just email Anthony Ginger at and ask him to set you up your own blog. POT offers WordPress tutorials here.


7 thoughts on “How to Join

  1. Hello to all,

    Thanks Lisa for creating this great site for all of us to learn and share. Looking forward to the semester.

    Jo Moore

    • Yes, it’s public, but I add the Authors manually and we’re only adding MiraCosta faculty. When you answered the confirmation email, it brought you to the Profile page, where you could change your password.

  2. Love the concept of this site. As a part-time instructor teaching both traditional and online courses, I strive to keep them cutting edge. With the introduction of technology, I get excited about incorporating new concept into my courses.

    Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this forum.

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