Week 4~Exploration of Bugs

We have noticed that the children have been showing an interest in bugs, so we set up a sensory tub filled with bugs, bug kits and rocks so that theĀ children could search for bugs. Here is a peak at one of many conversations we had as a result of this bug set-up, enjoy!

Teacher: What kinds of bugs are you going to find?

Nathan: White. Going to get a rock.

Avi: Grasshopper

Teacher: What kind of food do grasshoppers eat?

Nathan: Fruits

Silas: I want to use the shovel.

Teacher: What are you going to use the shovel for?

Silas: Dirt. This is hard work. We’re in the silver garden. Welcome to the silver garden.

Silas: I’m going to find a spider.

Teacher: What kind of food does a spider eat?

Silas: Bugs.

Teacher: What kind of bugs do you want to find?

Vienne: Bee.

Dante: Ooh. Dat green.

Connor: Look. Look. Look.

Teacher: What did you find?

Connor: It’s a bee.

~Ms. Karina, Ms. Lehua, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Megan, Ms. Sarah~


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