Thinking through Course Design

Still thinking about your course design? Modules? Pages? Discussion Boards? Studio? Quizzes? In this video, I explain and show how I designed my course and the reasons for doing it. Come in and take a look! I hope this helps you think about how Course Design is much more than just how your course “looks” but how it actually engages students.

2 thoughts on “Thinking through Course Design

  1. Mary,

    I like the way you centered your course design around Flexibility, Equity, and Accountability. I believe these are great foundations for a course design in canvas. The area I usually have trouble in is Accountability. I found that the Calendar and To Do Task Bar in the student view did create this sense of accountability for students. They actually prefer it. In my summer course, many students would reach out if an item did not have a due date or did not appear on their To Do List. They value it. It’s understandable because many students are juggling multiple responsibilities while others are trying to figure out exactly what Time Management looks like.

    I like the quiz attached to the Library’s MLA video. I’m definitely going to try that for next semester. It may assist students with recalling what they are supposed to do and provides an opportunity to ensure they watched and understood the video.

    Thank You Mary,


    • Hi, JahB. Thanks for reviewing my vid and your feedback. I think with all courses being online in the fall, students are really going to depend on us ensuring due dates of things that go on the Calendar and their “To Do” lists. I still accept late work, especially on my Learning Activity tasks, and then I have two times during the semester where they get free makeups on anything they may have missed. They really appreciate these “redo” opportunities. Mary

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