Reading, Attention, and Thinking-about-Thinking

In our first discussion orbiting around Maryanne Wolf’s Reader Come Home, we got into

  • how unique and plural our experiences are when we engage content media
  • how time and labor demands often limit contemplative practices with content
  • how sometimes the goals we place on reading misalign with the goals we place on writing
  • how important it is for us to ask our students: what value does this [book, podcast, videogame, article, oration, play, story] have in your [journal, essay, project, life]?

To listen to our full convo, check out the Zoom recording or the podcast

All content shared and perspectives we discussed are collected in a Padlet.

Our next discussion will be April 26th, where we will continue discussing our experiences reading in different modalities to form “bi-literate brains.” We will be sharing from “Letter 8” & “Letter 9” in  Maryanne Wolf’s Reader Come Home. You do not have to have read the book to participate in the conversation. Hope to see you then to explore literacy, and what the teaching of literacy skills looks like today.