Update on New Things I’m Doing this semester
Julie Harland

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I love how I get all the students up at the board doing problems every day. It’s working out great. I now label this Class assignment each time I do this (about twice per class) by number (instead of sorting by date) as it’s easier for them to keep in order to turn in later. Sometimes I have them do a lot of problems, and even though it’s one point, they do it. So if they are in class doing it, they get 1 point. After a few weeks, I collect a certain number of assignments (let’s say #1-16 class work assignments), and if they have them in order (even if they missed class), they earn 16 points. So everyone can earn 1 out of 2 points even if they were absent, and 2 out of 2 if they were there doing it that day. I love being able to walk around and help out, and it’s easy to see from across the room too. They have to keep each problem on the board until I make sure it is correct. It gives me time to get around to everyone without hunching over someone’s desk and walking down crowded aisles, and it gets them up and active and talking, and doing work. They also have to write and do all the problems on their own paper. I find this kind of group work more energizing and active than what I’ve done in the past. Happy!