Feedback, etc.

Thank you for the short video on feedback 🙂

Here’s a few comments on the Warnock:

Ch 10: Peer editing:

I like the guidelines on p. 116

Ch 11: Feedback:

The options I am comfortable with in giving feedback are the following:

  • The comment function on Google Docs (yup)
  • The use of macros (for sure)
  • Rubric software (will explore these)
  • Maybe possibly but probably not Turnitin and Quick Mark (I have seen these tools in ‘action,’ and they are often not accurate, at least as the generated comments align with my best assessments) 
  • When using Google Docs, I may request to meet the student at a specific time to synchronize our interactions re: feedback OR
  • Email the Google Doc back with comments within the text and endnotes
  • Audio feedback using screencast-o-matic ( I do like the idea of audio feedback. I’d like to hear some comments from colleagues re: students’ reception to this type of response to their work. It seems audio feedback may save some time and work when I don’t have to write comments, though I would probably write comments too: synchronistically in real time, before recording my comments, as I’m recording comments asynchronistically, or some other variation of the listed options- I’ll defer to trial and error at this point or to feedback from instructors who teach online.)
  • Meeting f2f 

I am open to exploring options, but I like to keep things simple and students probably do too.