We are the Program for Online Teaching, a group of volunteer faculty helping other faculty teach better online.

Our focus is on pedagogy as the guiding force for using technologies for teaching.

Many of us are from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. MiraCostans may access the Teaching/Technology Innovations Center for technical help, resources, news and more.

The POT Network

  • POT Diigo group
    (see tutorial on how to save bookmarks)
  • POT Facebook group
  • POT Vimeo Channel (workshops)
  • POT YouTube Channel
  • Twittter (please use hashtag #potcomm)

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Using Diigo to save bookmarks to the POT group
Using Diigo to save bookmarks to the POT group avatar

You can use Diigo to save bookmarks to a group, including the POT group. Here’s how.

Please note that since the video was made, the Diigo group’s name changed to “Program for Online Teaching”.

Pedagogy -> Technology How-To
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Pedagogy Needs

How to create a simple welcome page for your students (Pilar Hernández)

Interactive Syllabus: Pilar Hernández’s tutorial on how to create an interactive syllabus with images in Blackboard. (November 2010)

Twitter inside Blackboard: Eric Robertson’s tutorial on how to embed Twitter inside Blackboard.

Diigo: Laura Paciorek’s tutorial on how to use Diigo and embed lists of bookmarks into Blackboard

Diigo and Moodle: How to save bookmarks for students to see in Moodle.

Jing: Robert Kelley’s tutorial, in text and video, on how to integrate screencasts into instruction.


Julie Harland: How to create and post a screencast in BB using Journal and Camtasia

Technology How-To
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Course Management and MCC Systems

MCC Systems:

Moodle-specific tutorials:

Lisa M. Lane: Why I Like Moodle (5 minutes)

Blackboard-specific tutorials:

Karen Korstad has set up tutorials for every need in Blackboard 9. Please see the Blackboard Learning Modules at the Bb POT site by signing into Blackboard.

Resource list: big list of resources by topic
Resource list: big list of resources by topic avatar

Online resources from Faculty development associates.