We are the Program for Online Teaching, a group of volunteer faculty helping other faculty teach better online.

Our focus is on pedagogy as the guiding force for using technologies for teaching.

Many of us are from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. MiraCostans may access the Teaching/Technology Innovations Center for technical help, resources, news and more.

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POT newsletter #37 (December 2011)

Program for Online Teaching Newsletter #37

December 2011

Update your class information for students

It’s that time again — students are registering for their online and hybrid classes and want to know about your class. In SURF, all online and hybrid classes are linked to the Distance Education page and the online/hybrid schedule. Here’s how […]

Skim for drawing on a pdf on a Mac

How Lisa uses Skim and Screenr to record drawing freehand on a pdf document, useful for talking people through a form or document.

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POT Newsletter #36 (Nov 2011)

Program for Online Teaching Newsletter #36

November 2011

POT workshops Last First Fridays for Fall — December 2

2:00-2:50 Sam Arenivar’s iPad Apps for MiraCostans 1.0 Discover a world where we can truly be paper free. Whether you own an iPad or are just thinking about getting an iPad, this first iPad Friday […]

Activating Google Plus

Joining a Facebook group with some privacy