We are the Program for Online Teaching, a group of volunteer faculty helping other faculty teach better online.

Our focus is on pedagogy as the guiding force for using technologies for teaching.

Many of us are from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. MiraCostans may access the Teaching/Technology Innovations Center for technical help, resources, news and more.

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POT Online: Show and Tell
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pathescopeJoin our online sessions in Spring as MiraCosta’s online profs show and talk about their classes, with time for questions. We will meet online from 7-8:20 pm Pacific Time on the Third Thursday of each month to tour through a class or two, emphasizing the goals and creativity of the course’s creator. You may come to just one session or all four: January 19, February 16, March 16, April 20.

January 19: with Rica French and Curry Mitchell
The recording is here.

February 16: with Joanne Carrubba and Laura Paciorek
The recording is here.

March 16: with Pilar Hernández and Sean Davis
The recording is here.

April 20: with Robert Kelley and Lisa M Lane
The recording is here.

For each session, the Zoom room will open at 6:30 for preparations, but the session will begin at 7 pm.

POT workshop Wednesday, January 18: Teaching and Learning in Canvas
POT workshop Wednesday, January 18: Teaching and Learning in Canvas avatar

Wednesday, January 18
1:30-4:20 pm
Oceanside campus room 1201 (in the Library)

Facilitators: Robert Kelley and Sean Davis

This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the perspectives of learning and teaching using the Canvas learning management system. Participants will learn how the system works through a series of practice activities, and explore how to facilitate contact with students, communicate expectations, encourage active learning, design assignments, and create good navigation. Additionally, participants will be introduced to basic LMS design principles tailored to Canvas.

POT Camp starts October 3
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potcampbadge2The Program for Online Teaching presents our professional development camp running six weeks starting October 3, celebrating the joy of teaching online.

Each week we’ll explore a topic through reading, take a short quiz, discuss an issue, and create something cool.

The theme for our 2016 Camp is The Context of Online Teaching: Education and Technology.

All faculty who teach online, or want to teach online, are welcome to join!

We’ll be camping out in our Canvas tent. Self-enroll at https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/APJCWL.

For more information, contact one of our camp counselors: Lisa M Lane, Jim Sullivan, Laura Paciorek, or Joanne Carrubba.

Fall 2016 workshops
Fall 2016 workshops avatar

For fall flex week (our Fall semester POT Camp is coming soon!)

POTonlineThe Dark Side of OEI
Tuesday, August 16 — 8 pm PT Online

Workshop description: The Online Education Initiative promises to bring all California community colleges together into a common LMS, common rubrics and common goals for online teaching. In doing so, however, some important aspects of creativity may be sacrificed, including joyful complexity, pedagogical independence, tolerance in leadership, and alternative visions. Critiquing such a system is the point of this presentation. A Program for Online Teaching workshop with Jim Sullivan and Lisa M Lane.

Join us at CCCConfer: http://www.cccconfer.org/GoToMeeting?SeriesID=d2950d7b-689b-408b-9ce0-34ae921da6ab

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Recording is available here.Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com//

POTsmgraphiconlyCreative Online Teaching Forum
Thursday, Aug 18 10-11:20 am SAN campus 407 and Online 

Workshop description: Ideas and thoughts for making your online classes less canned and more interesting for you and your students. What can instructors do to work within and outside of a LMS to create interesting, creative, and interactive online learning environments? The conversation here will cover grading, student curation of learning, and many other techniques, and will engage with the POT discussion from the Spring of 2016 on creativity in online teaching as a means to expand pedagogy. A Program for Online Teaching workshop with Lisa M. Lane and Joanne Carrubba.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at worldtimebuddy.com//

Join us in CCCConfer: http://www.cccconfer.org/GoToMeeting?SeriesID=47ece4ed-e947-414f-8b94-5c1497c6da6c  The new system ConferNow (Zoom) at https://zoom.us/j/542895826 .

The slides for this session, including the links, are here.

Recording is available here. Chat record is here.

POTsmgraphiconlyPedagogy and the new LMS: Painting on the Canvas
Thursday, Aug 18  12:30-1:50  pm OC campus 3608

Workshop description: Starting Spring 2017, MiraCosta College is adopting Canvas as one of the supported CMSs.  For a year and a half, Canvas will run parallel with Bb and Moodle, after which there will only be Canvas.  What are some of the potential pedagogical upsides (and downsides) of Canvas, that are worthwhile considering for when you move your course to Canvas?  This is not a “how to” workshop – but rather a structured conversation among peers, providing examples and emphasizing dialogue. A Program for Online Teaching workshop with Robert Kelley.

Spring 2016 flex week schedule
Spring 2016 flex week schedule avatar

Join us for our upcoming workshops in January. If you are a MiraCosta College faculty member, sign up at MCC’s Flex Page. Faculty from all colleges are welcome at all workshops. Online teachers, facilitators and faculty from anywhere in the world may join our online workshops.

Online workshops

Tuesday, Jan 19 7-7:50 pm Pacific Time
POT Online: Discussing Student Retention
Online 7-7:50 pm CCC Confer (click Webinars Participant Login to locate meeting, phone participation is 1-888-886-3951)
Lisa M Lane and Laura Paciorek
POT’s discussion of student retention continues as we look at the current research in online retention and keeping students enrolled. We’ll talk about what elements seem to affect drop rates, and techniques to counter the trends. A Program for Online Teaching workshop.
Recording is here. If you were unable to attend the workshop and want flex credit, add this to Other Activities – Conferences and Presentations, and write a reflection after you view the recording.

Thursday, Jan 21 7-8:20 pm Pacific Time
POT Online: Quizzes for Teaching, Not Assessing
Online 7-8:20 pm CCCConfer
Jim Sullivan
In this workshop we will explore quizzes as a teaching tool rather than assessment tool. How can a quiz function like an alternatively formatted lecture? How can we use quizzes to encourage students to read and reflect upon each other’s discussion forum posts (or face 2 face discussions)? What kinds of questions can help students better understand concepts or ideas we wish to highlight from readings? These are the kinds of questions we will explore during this workshop. Jim Sullivan will share some of the quizzes he uses and then participants will work on developing some questions of their own and discussing them with each other, and imagining ways that these approaches might enrich learning in their own classes. A Program for Online Teaching workshop, presented by Jim Sullivan.
Recording is hereIf you were unable to attend the workshop and want flex credit, add this to Other Activities – Conferences and Presentations, and write a reflection after you view the recording.

On-campus Workshops

Friday, January 15
POT F2F: Blogging Across the Disciplines
OC campus 4612, 9:30-10:50 am
Jim Sullivan
Workshop participants will explore ways to use blogging in their classrooms as an instructional technique and professionally as a powerful communication tool in their discipline. We will explore some prominent blogs in a variety of disciplines, discuss possible teaching assignments, and give participants to start or enhance their own blogs.

Wednesday, January 20
POT F2F: Creativity in Online Teaching: Content
OC campus 4610, 1-2:20 pm
Pilar Hernández, Paulino Mendoza, Rachèle DeMéo, Shahrzad Zahedi
A showcase of creative ways to create and deliver course content. Pick and choose the techniques that are relevant to your discipline and teaching. Walk away inspired to create engaging content. A Program for Online Teaching workshop, presented by Pilar Hernández, Paulino Mendoza, Rachèle DeMéo, and Shahrzad Zahedi.

Wednesday, January 20
POT F2F: Creativity in Online Teaching: Screencasting
OC campus lab 4610, 2:30-3:50 pm
Robert Kelley and Joanne Carrubba
Don’t just tell your online students – show them! Screencasting is a great way for instructors to develop and share mini-lecturettes, make quick replies to students, demonstrate a method, or provide students with feedback on their assignments/quizzes. You simply record and share with your students whatever you have displayed on your computer screen, while you talk about it (e.g. using a microphone). In this workshop you’ll get hands on experience with how to make a screencast easily and for free. We’ll focus on learning the basics of Screencast-O-Matic. You’ll learn how to share your screencasts either as a URL link or how to embed the video directly within your course (e.g. using Bb or Moodle). Other screencasting tools will also be shown. We’ll also cover options for closed captioning your course materials. A Program for Online Teaching workshop, presented by Robert Kelley and Joanne Carrubba.