We Speak to Students Through Our Design Decisions

What do we communicate to students from page to page, assignment to assignment? Why? How?

Watch or listen to The Voice, Verbs, and Grammars of our Courses, a WritingwithMachines Discussion

Then add your own exploration of Course Design Choices to our Google Doc

Your time listening/watching is eligible for FLEX.

This discussion is the fourth of a sustained series focused on our Online Teaching Principle for Communicating with Students. At the center of this deep-dive project, we’re asking this question: how do our communication tools, spaces, and methodologies promote student growth and student agency?

We will continue this series of professional conversations with one final conversation

First Impressions, Fourth Impressions: Communicating in Community Weeks 0-3, Thursday May 12th 3:30-5:00pm in Zoom

See you then!!