Online class introduction lesson
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Hi all!

All the readings for this past week were interesting, but the one that related most closely to my lesson was Warnock’s Principle 4 from Teaching the OWl Course. He reminds us that planning a class online requires the migration of onsite work to online environment, NOT doing everything from scratch (167). That was the process I used to create the following lesson. I had to remind myself that I did not need to not create a new lesson – the change in medium is enough.

The next quote is a governing principle of teaching my onsite class, and will be for online as well: that the best practices about writing essays and doing research comes from the students, just as it would in an onsite discussion, but better, because it’s all written down and more students contribute (169). I don’t know if all these points are true, but I sure hope so! It makes teaching online worthwhile.

And now for some context on my video: This would be for Essay 1. Let’s assume students have read the assigned texts, done preliminary writing/brainstorming on the essay prompt (in the form of homework questions), had deeper discussion questions getting into the prompt in a more detailed way, have submitted outlines of their essay plans, and now writing the essay itself. Here’s the link to my lesson on introductions.

Thanks for watching!