Final wrap-up
Final wrap-up avatar

As I reread my posts over these few months, the most dominant theme I see is my stress (ha!). Generally, the prospect of creating an online class makes me very overwhelmed, so I need to remember to use only the tools I need (at least at the beginning) and avoid overcomplicating the class. Oddly enough, I’m also curious about new technologies and creating a completely new experience for online classes. The other point I keep coming back to is the very specific task of online discussions, as they are very important to the tone of the class, my goal of using student generated content, and being the most challenging to replicate in an online environment. Overall, this process has been very helpful, allowing me to understand my priorities, test out and struggle with some interesting technological tools, and get awesome advice from my colleagues here. Thanks so much for all your thoughts, recommendations, and kind words. See you around!

Here are the links to my posts: 1. goals, 2. tech overload, 3. questions, 4. introduction lesson, and 5. readings and discussions.